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A destination known for adventure and a welcoming, colorful people prone to celebration. A land of world class beaches. Unique landscapes. Unusual wildlife. Perhaps less well-known is that amidst such an abundance of natural beauty, Australia is also where some of the world’s most sought-after diamonds were born.

Responsibly sourced from the Argyle Mine and renowned for their unique natural colors, the rich browns and golden hues of Australian Diamonds are a favorite of designers and are now featured in exciting new jewellery collections.

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A NEW jewellery collection featuring golden-hued diamonds as natural and beautiful as the spectacular landscapes from which they originate

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In the Press

"Provenance is beginning to be a significant consideration for luxury purchases."

"A collection created to honor the beauty, rarity, and heritage of Australian diamonds"

"Responsible sourcing, especially of diamonds, is increasingly important to discerning jewelry lovers."

"Sustainable luxury is more than a buzz word; it’s fast becoming an ethos among many designers and consumers."

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