Beauty in the Context of Beauty

New York — Many of the world’s most beautiful diamonds, when discovered in their rough form, appeared as lumps of unattractive rock. It takes a skilled eye to see the beauty that lies within and masterful skills, patiently applied, to unleash it.

Beauty means different things to different people. It is subjective by nature and while some consider only the physical attractiveness of someone, others see beauty in their spirit, their actions and their attitude. Behold, the latest edition of celebrity portraiture magazine created by the internationally renowned celebrity and fashion photography duo Herring & Herring (Dimitri Scheblanov & Jesper Carlsen), explores this notion through photography and intimate interviews with a broad collection of subjects including not just those considered beautiful in the classic, superficial sense.

Sponsored by Australian Diamonds and the Argyle Mine, many of the subjects in this unique magazine are proudly wearing exquisite jewellery created with Australian Diamonds that reflects their inner and outer beauty. Some of those featured in the magazine wearing Australian Diamonds include Mandy Moore, Meghan Trainor, and Winnie Harlow.

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