Down Under Comes Over

The warm, subtle tones of the afternoon sun. The soft glow of sunlit beaches at dawn. The golden effervescence of fine sparkling wine. These are the colors of Australian Diamonds. Rare, natural and responsibly sourced.

They’re colors you won’t find in abundance anywhere else on Earth, and they are tracked from the moment they are responsibly and carefully extracted from the Argyle mine in a remote corner of western Australia until they arrive at your local jewellery store—ensuring your jewellery is made with authentic natural diamonds that are uniquely Australian.

The Landscape

Australia is well known for its rugged natural beauty, but it is what lies far beneath these vistas that may be the country’s most coveted treasure—Australian Diamonds.

The Jewellery

Australian Diamonds are the contemporary jewellery lover’s dream—natural, ethical and colorful. Warmly inviting with a range of natural shades from rich browns to soft golden hues.

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