Uniquely Australian

Perth—Australia has been a dream destination for many Americans, and if you can’t get there anytime soon, now you can at least own a little piece of Australia. You can see an exciting new fine jewellery collection featuring Australian diamonds launching at select Helzberg Diamonds stores or if you want an Australian experience without leaving your couch, check out the collection online at helzberg.com

Helzberg is the first American retailer to launch an authentic Australian Diamonds collection. A unique online digital and social marketing campaign will support the launch, leveraging the beauty of Australian landscapes and capturing the spirit and adventure of an Australian holiday.

While few people realize that Australia is the birthplace of some of the world’s most unique and spectacular diamonds, this campaign puts natural golden hues of Australian Diamonds, and the jewellery created with them, in the same context as other iconic Australian attractions—the beaches, the Outback and the breathtaking natural splendor of the landscapes.

So go ahead and splurge—you deserve a piece of Australia!

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